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Updated on:13-Jan-2015

Installation of the Relic of St Antony of Padua at Moonnam Peedika Shrine

The Primary Relic of St Antony of Padua was installed on the auspicious of the feast of St Antony's Shrine, Moonnam Peedika on January 13, 2015. This relic was brought from Padua and is installed for the venerationof the faithful.

Most Rev. Dr Alex Vadakumthala- Bishop of Kannur led the solomn procession from Bishop's House to Moonampeedika. Hundreds of faithful and a Rally of vehicles escorted the Relic Procession. The festal Pontifical Eucharist was presided over by the Bishop of Kannur and many priests from the diocese concelebrated the Holy Mass.

The Bishop also announced that hereafter, there will be Holy Eucharist everyday morning 6:30 at St Antony's Shrine, Moonnampeedika 

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